Charms  me            













written by hearing Celine singing ' Seduces me '

Everything you say
Everything you'll mail
Touches the current of breeze
So inside in me
Every sign in your verb
Every smile on your word
Charms me

so all what I see
and all what I'll dream
Means suddenly something to me
I can imagine the color of the sky
I can guess the amber of the light
'cause all your words
Charms me

I just hope about to-morrow
I'll have it as gold, so yellow
Here and now , there and yonder
in my mind with you I'll wonder

Everything in your nouns
Every voice in your pronouns
Every articles make the letters dance
Every adjectives, attributives or epithets
Comes shining thru the blue screen
'Cause all you mail
Charms me

Even your coma, even your semicolon
Even your smiley, or exclamation point
Metamorphose as so virtual caress
but only the full stop, final point
makes me feel like a floating point

Every smile in the night
Every light in your eyes
Charms me, charms me
All that you mail . . . .
Charms me



 as you seduces me Celine... as I heard you I couldn't say anything as .. charms me ..  ;-)