I wish you a Merry Christmas

I wish you a happy Christmas
for all you have done
our first year is over
I hope a new one will begun

yes Lady have a happy Christmas
with smiles and much lights
from your near ones and the far one
all the days , all the nights

have a very Merry Christmas
and a fantastic new year
let's hope for a better one
without any tears

yes I wish you a Christmas
for your life and for your dreams 
for your way and for Jade 
yes the world is so wide

but have a so happy Christmas
for words and serenade 
for our blue and our amber
let's have a way with me, yonder 

a very very Merry Christmas
BookLady , I wish you to day
let's hope it will be a blue one
walking and smiling on the way

and so after Christmas
every sights in this night 
as a gift of our dream light
bring us, a happy new year

so have a happy Christmas
have fun with your near ones
I know when you close your eyes
you'll not forget, Lady, the far one ...