The  colour  of  your  soul

             written by hearing Celine singing ' The color of my love'


I'll color my mood in gradation of  blue
Paint my words to be with you
I'll sketch your eyes in the color of the sea
Draw your smiling lips like I want you to be

I'll draw your kindness around my mail
when I doubt about all the ocean sail
I'll paint the softly breeze on your wind-blown hair

I'll trace a word to soften your disquiet
A poem to depose a smile in your eyes
A silhouette of letters and images of lights
so that we can hold each other in the night

But I can color the moon in a warming yellow
And I can paint in blue the smoothly snow
if that may be the colour of your soul

then I can pluck the cords to make you listen
The water drops flowing up from the harp
the sparkling stars shinning from the guitar

with the song I paint you the sky of Jade
a sky of emerald and precious flowers
with the truth and the magie you wanted to had

and then you値l feel something warm inside
I'll use a music with words so light and fine
so, you my mail become completely real
The words become alive and make you mine

then I'll sculpt your body to a goddess statue
and each day with my words, you値l be prettiest
the jealous Aphrodite make me fall in love with you
you became my Galathea, I will be your Pygmalion

don稚 be afraid my fairy, I paint you a warm sun
so it makes you really alive as a pretty woman
and so we w値l have so much to learn together

and hoping we値l never part
I値l hear yet, the beating of your heart
and that will be... in blue... the color of our love