The   Computerman

   music:  Loreena Mc Kennith
   lyrics  :  entangled by Charles (inspirated by Alfred Noves)  


   Virtual  Words









The wind was a river of sweetness along the Paris city
The moon was a diaphanous smile behind the gusty clouds

The road was a shimmering satin sheet in the grey city
And the computerman came writting, writting, writting,
The computerman came writting, up into the honey mail.
He'd just a French smile on his face, a microsoft mouse in his hand,
A dress of black cotton, and breeches of a grey velvet;
A striped tie of claret and grey; his black boots always bright!

And he drives an Alpha Romeo car,
His fountain-pen in the right hand,
His keyboard in the left, under the opaque light... . 
Over the loudspeakers and his grey scanner he always stares his
he hits with his fingers on the keyboard as he plays on his piano keys

the keys made a tune as a symphony, the mouse cover thousand miles
But then, he is the Lord and The Lady his Queen

Queen , the Lady is waiting his smiles

with her dark red love-knot into her long red hair. 
"Oh I would like so much, you ‘re coming back tonight,
But I know you have to find the words before the morning light;
Because you have no time and hurry through the day,
But I‘m waiting you by the moonlight,
And watch for you as soon the stars light,
I'll come in the starlit night, waiting as you find the way “ 
So dance the touches , so click the buttons and rolls the wheel
When Loreena  is playing her harp his mind irremediably escapes 
In the country of his dream, in the Island of Jade
He caress her hair waves in the moonlight,
(Oh, sweet red waves in the moonlight!)
Then the keys became the rudder bar and  he flies far to the west.  

He could not arrive at the dawning; neither nor at noon,
But at the time of the tawny sunset, just the rise of the moon,

When the sky is a twinkled mirror, with the diamond glowing star 
In the dark sky he’s dreaming
Dreaming, dreaming
Then Computerman’s heart makes a better score as the par ! 
She said no word to her love Lord, she drank his eyes instead,
But her smooth and gentle stare said longer as any words can ever tell
Two of  three white softly doves  landed on the windowsill
there was a clear night at this window
thanks to a white and nice moonlight;
For she could see, through the casement,

The sky that he would fly. 
Then he tied her up to attention, with many a gently gesture
He attracted the Lady near the window showing the shimmering 
"now keep good  attention" And he took is hand
She heard the Lord  say :

"Look with me at the moonlight
Watch  with me the sparkling night…”

At this moment it makes the Computerman shudder just thinking  of it !

She gripped his hand, and he held her good
The silence of the night was golden, 
but they could hear the quivering of the trees

And further on, the song of the wave foam, the darkness so deep
And now, at the moment of midnight,
The computerman a warm chill feels,
As he tips on the keyboard keys
With his finger , gives her a kiss ! 

Click, click…! Do you hear him ? The keys and button were ringing clear
Click, click… his mind travel so far away, you should see
Up in the ribbon of the constellation, over the top of the mountains,
The computerman came flying
Flying, flying !
His finger danced and flied over the sea
The melody of the siren, the smile of the nymph ….

“ hey, do you hear me ? always with his computer !
tree times I’m calling you ! the meal is ready to serve !!!
once for all, we ‘re just waiting after you ! 

So he shoots quickly a last look to his screen
in the winter night, with the breeze in the trees
And he turn out the light .
And the computerman went  eating
Eating and smiling
For to-morrow he will be tiping, and dreaming, and flying ……..


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