Winter  dream




an evening, yes, it was an evening
you know, an evening unparalleled
a blue evening, color purple of Jade

a day, yes, it was a day shining 
you know, a day with honey gilded 
a day, nice as a dawn serenade 

you told me some words of light
and we smiled surfing on our mails
a night, yes, but a Jade perfume night

do you remember this night you sat
on Green Pearl's Rock watching the sky
seagulls ballet swirling, defying Jonat'

oh, I love so much your laugh in the dark
admiring Blue Lagoon, Nausicaa Lake 
sweetness of the night, as the stars spark

you know, Lady, in our virtual Ivory Tower 
who could steal our rainbow instants
there will always be a moment, scents of Jade flower