The Fairyland  

I  wish I was in the Trenton Land
Only for a night in the Cumberland
I  would swim over the bluest ocean
Only for a night in the Atlantic Land

But the sea is wide, and I canít swim over
I  want to have a wing to fly  yonder
If I could fly with my friend Jonathan
To get me over to my love in Capemay Land

Now in Salemland, I admire the mountains
They've marble hillsides with gold and silver
the sky is so blue,  it will seduce her
her hair in the wind glancing  reflections in the fountains

I' m dreaming today, I just can imagine Ocean Land
A wonderfilled  ride from land to land
Ah, but Iíll wake up now, my nightís getting over
Come on my dream , come back for ever

I  wish I was in Cumberland
Only for a night in ..the Fairyland 

composed by listenning Loreena Mc Kennith 's song : Carrighfergus