Find the way                          

You know, if some dullness day
you feel disenchanted just a little bad
if it seems to you, your soul is mad
I mean , if you don't find your way

Then never forget the Island of Jade
in september, december or may
you'll forget your work so hard
have a sweet night, after the busy day

If you think earth is only that wet clay
try to remenber the fine sky we had
sure have a look back to sunset bay
I am so sure that you'll feel glad

And if you dont know what to say
close your eyes on the sand you lay
remember the blue bird , the jay
listen his song from the branch's sway

In the dawn or in the twilight day
when the sunbeams draw a sketch pad
I'll be on Joan's beach with you to stay
I'll tell you the Odyssey and the Iliad

The troubles and fears all gone away
with softness and kindness you'll be clad
I know on the Island you'll soon be allay
so, never forget the nice way to Jade