some  flowers
   music:  M.  Kapler
   lyrics  :  Charles of Pearlshill
s (inspirated by Isabele Boulay) 


and I know now
the color of the time
when he is completly impressed
by the parfum of your absence
and the sweet essence
of this asphodel in this tender morning

oh, yes, I understand
how it was before
all what I believed
suddenly as I saw you

let flow the honey
to soften the sky
Just some flowers
as a chorus harmony
some flowers

Oh I know the warmth
the flavor of the Jade morning
the life in an uncolored night
the music of the moon which raise
when you sing the ballad
your voice caress my sleep

you travel inside of me
where nobody lose his way
and you sail so far, by sitting here
as in a fairy tale

let flow the nectar
to soften the evening
Just some flowers
as a bunch which smells
the parfum of the hope

Even if I knew in advance
that love is transparency
that the tales of our infancy
have those parfum of evanescence
but I loved to believe
as if it was a so pretty story
and you came so inside in me
where nobody came before

so I fly
fly so deep in you
where nobody goes before
Accept the grief
just from some flowers
to soften your heart

some flowers
some flowers
some flowers


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