Good  day    !                     








Listen the morning horn
what have you done
another day is born
but a new night is gone

And so happy new day
I hope you have sun
from the far or the near
and I want you have fun

I wish you a glad morning
and a happy new afternoon
I hope the sun is shinning
so yellow, as white the moon

Just persuade it's a good one
for the strongs or the weaks
without rains and fears
yes, it must be a great one

And so happy new day
get the problems away
I'm so far I'm not near
for I hope you my dear

Let's hope it's a sweet one
one, we can remember
one, we can get over
with the smiles we have done

And so happy new day
one, I just can say
it is the famous day 
when you fly by my way

A very happy new day
I just hope for you this one
you know such a good one
that you never forget : to-day !


 inspirated by ... Céline Dion singing  Xmas (and a happy new year )....