The  City  of Light



it was The City of Light
in the blue evening night
Paris was such a mervellous sight

in the lights of the city
the golden saxophon romantic sound
undulated as a swirling wave in my heart

the dancers appeared on the floor
suddenly in a luminous sunbeam
I saw her in her green dress

she was whirling turning wheeling
she looked the picture of health
and I, and I could only stop to breathe

it was The City of Light
in a mild smoothly evening of July
Paris was so beautiful, so bright

she was so sweet she seemed so slight
with her red curled hair floating
was it an angel, was it a fairy ?

she smiled she laughed she glanced
I looked, and I watched, and I stared
was I dreaming, was I here or there ?

it was The City of Light
the Country music and dance festival
Paris was so proud in the moonlight

The blue moon light touched gently on
the green eyes of
Jennifer, Queen of the dance
and I realize softly the world turn to orange

I want forget the seasons between us
'cause of so many years so many days
but for a dance we take the same way

it was my City of Light
in the shadow of my moonlight
I'll dream now all my night ...