Child of Ocean

the moon siren discored by the Gods
for the humans only see with their eyes
only spacians whos stare is blue
look inside and know heavens

you , my sweet faery, magician of the place
adorn my Lady with the best attires
give her the kindness of Hestia or Daphné
the beauty of the sun in the dawn

the softness of Thétis, the sweetness of Psyché
the majesty of Héra, the one of Amalthée
the goodness of Athena, or of the prttiest: Danaé

Goddess of the fountains, Nereid and Dryad
Oread, mountains and valley nymph
you will be, Lady, my mervellous Naiad ...  

                                                                              french  symbiose


  accueil                        All fairy pictures came from Amy's Brown Art Site ... thanks for authorization ...   see  Amy's site   symbiose