some words 
 for your great talent 




Do you remember the happiness  
The time when we climbed on the trees  
Do you remember the sweetness  
The days when we  slid on the leaves  
Of course I remember the brightness  

The sun shinning down on the fields  

Yes, I remember your white spring dress  
With buttercups, butterflies and lilies  
Do you remember the greatness  
Of your warm hand just in mine  
And I remember the goodness  
Of your blue summer smile    
I remember  I went  far  in the West
Studying law and mathematics
But I won’t remember the sadness

When the tears rain on your cheeks

But now I’ ll remember with tenderness  
At all these years drawn in the sky  

And now I’m sure this time was the best  
When I just imagine life, in your eyes



 pictures come from Amy's Brown Art Site...  thanks for authorization ... site   symbiose