Tell   her 



I"m sorry, sometimes to show I worry
Will she give me her smile ?
If I tremble when I write …
Oooh - what if ? 
I know there's another life she's thinking of 
Maybe she's in love 
I'll seem like a fool 

But I’ll try to stay cool
Even I don't know what to do
I've been there 
With my words out in my mail 
But what you must understand 
You can't let the chance 
Loving Jade pass you by 
Tell her , tell her 

that the sun brights, the moon rises in my island,
take her hand, reach out to her 
And whisper tender words so smooth and soft 
Sing to your fairy a song of Elf 
this will be the gift you give yourself 
Touch her …

With the sun that burns inside 

The beauty of Jade can't be denied 
Even when the rain drops outside
Beauty of your eyes, it can’t be hide 

Come on, Lady, yonder….  

I’m so fond of her 
h if you only could imagine
The sweetness of her hands
the brightness of her smile
no, don’t laugh, it’s not a dream ….
Tell her , tell her

Jonathan will lead her to the Eden Island

Over there, where the water is so clear
Over there , where the sand is so cheer
Come on, Lady, yonder….  

Lady is my light, over the ocean tide
she rises in my heart inside  

And whisper so tender words so bright
That my mind makes a glide tonight
And I fly, yes, I do 
I hear now the fairy song of Elf 

this will be the memory of your mail

… yes, I’ll tell her ...