When  I  mail  you 


when I dream, when I'm awake I just close my eyes and ...

When I mail you
open your screen
and I'll be with you

And all that I so want to
tell you
Its only a
few words, my Queen

When I need
open Outlook and I'm waiting
through the web I never imagine

it could be so much tenderness

Miles and miles of the great ocean
make waves
between us
but when I surf on your mails
I'm traveling forever, princess

can be cold out, it is so warm inside

When I need
Just close my eyes and I'm with you
And all
that I so want to read, your tales
of birds, wind, flowers and squirrels

It can be easy when the word is our driver
you know , dearest, words bring us yonder
overthere in another time, another place
where it's never cold, in the blue clear space
on the Jade island

When I
mail you
play the piano on my keyboard for you
feel on my hands the keys you graze
a flood of light deep in me, amaze

so When I mail
Just close
your eyes and I'll do too
And all that
we so want to dream
only those few words, my Queen