these words are mine

   The elements 
  The mothers  
   Winter dream    
    The City of Light    
   In a mexican wind         
   Is this world serious ?  
   Find the way
   The Fairyland
   The days are gone
   Good day
   Child of Ocean
   Blue dolphin

                    my  english  texts 




 those are mine too but a bit intermix by 

   Flying dream   
Both side the mirror
   A Merry Christmas     
   When I mail you             
   Charms  me                 
   The color of your soul 
   Only one word             
   Some flowers
   Of course I remember
   Tell her
   Another day as gone
   The bonny seagull
   The computerman
   Remember december
   The Lady of Jade 


listenning  those fantastic  artists  you will probably recognize ... ;-)